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Home Placement Project

The Home Placement Project (HPP) is a program rooted in our local African and African-Caribbean communities, designed to enhance flexibility and specialisation in clinical care and risk management for both patients and clinicians. We carefully match patients with host families, creating a warm and inviting environment with well-maintained bedrooms and all the essential amenities. Our commitment to safety and comfort is reflected in regular inspections by our dedicated HPP team.

Our host families are recruited from the heart of our communities, and each placement is thoughtfully arranged, considering the unique needs, preferences, and profiles of both our guests and host families. Whether it's accommodating pets, respecting cultural or religious requirements, catering to dietary preferences, addressing smoking habits, or accommodating language and communication needs, we prioritise creating harmonious and supportive living arrangements.

As a host family, you'll receive compensation covering accommodation, meals, and essential expenses during your guests' stay.

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